Love and appreciation

Beatrice S.

Loved Working with Viv!

"Working with Viv was a dream! From the day I first contacted her, she was incredibly communicative and attentive. She understood exactly what I wanted in terms of my wedding makeup. Her process made my makeup (and the makeup of my bridal party) look so natural and I never felt uncomfortable or overly made-up. She also made sure my makeup would look perfect as the lighting changed throughout the day. She is so friendly, upbeat, fun and professional and she immediately put me at ease. I can't recommend her highly enough!"


Wonderful service and a new forever friend

"We eloped last Fall and we were traveling from out of state for the ceremony. We found Vivian on Wedding Wire and after a few phone calls I was sure she was the right fit for us. She was so down to earth, flexible and attentive. It was everything I could have ever wanted out of makeup artist. She came right to our inn and was so professional while remaining warm and approachable. I love her!!!"


Great experience!

"I had a wonderful experience with Vivian! She was incredible at communication and was in touch from the day I first reached out until the day of the wedding. She helped me find a great place to get lash extensions in NYC and was genuinely interested with my feedback. She even helped me to find a second makeup artist and a hair stylist. I was incredibly happy with how my makeup turned out for my wedding! Vivian was so fun and positive!"


Vivian is as real as they come!

"I am not someone who wears makeup so it was very important to me that my makeup artist make me look like me for my wedding. I wanted to include the women in my family in the makeup as well if they wanted to. Vivian was incredible. She was so flexible and responsive and gave a lot of great advice from being in the business beyond just having to do with makeup! My mom loved her and she was so respectful of our wishes as a family. Vivian is incredibly talented as a makeup artist and in connecting with people. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a down to earth, talented, respectful, balanced person to contribute to the beauty of your wedding day or anything else!"

Marielle R.

The perfect artist, the perfect ally for any bride-to-be!

"Vivian Infantino is absolutely the makeup artist any bride would hope for. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Her makeup is romantic, subtle, and calibrated to every woman's best advantage. When looking for a makeup artist, I found most to be a touch heavy-handed; I think Vivian strikes the perfect balance between making brides look natural and special, like the best versions of themselves.

Vivian was incredibly knowledgeable about makeup, skincare, and beauty, and was a wonderful resource for me leading up to the wedding. She took such time and care to get to know me before the big day, and was both receptive to my thoughts and a wonderful source of ideas. She was professional, easy to communicate with, and flexible. On our big day, she arrived early, took her time with everyone, and was such a great source of grounding and sanity for me! I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Vivian, nor can I praise her highly enough. I feel so lucky to have had her on my team."


Seamless Execution

"Vivian is truly talented and amazing to work with! She has worked with me & my bridal party over the course of nine months leading into the Wedding and during the Wedding Weekend as well. Viv has gone above & beyond - she brought my vision into life by providing exceptional makeup on Friday for our engagement photoshoot & rehearsal dinner and on Saturday for our Wedding Day.

Everything looked natural and all of my girls + 2 moms keep talking about Viv - how calm, professional & talented she truly is!!! With love, Oksana + Peter + Bobke"


Vivian is truly a master of her craft!

"Vivian came highly recommended as a makeup artist for my Vermont wedding- I am so very happy we connected! She helped me to look and really FEEL beautiful on my wedding day, while working closely with me on what I wanted for my "look", with the final product being so much better than I ever imagined. She was a wonderful resource for all things "wedding" throughout the planning process and is so easy to talk to! She put me at ease from the very start, and I can't thank her enough for being a part of our special day! Thanks Viv!"


Vivian was extremely professional to work with

"Vivian helped us find a second makeup artist and a hair stylist when we were having trouble finding one in our area. She managed the coordination between the vendors as well. In addition to being responsive and responsible, she's incredibly talented. Everyone looked beautiful. I highly recommend working with Vivian!"

Susan B.

Vivian was a total professional.

"I used Vivian for my wedding day for myself and our wedding party. Everyone looked beautiful. She is one of the most talented people I have ever met and I could have been ready for a magazine photo shoot after she finished with my make up. I was made up just enough, not overdone. I felt elegant and beautiful and thank you Vivian. Just a terrific experience all the way around. I highly recommend Vivian for any special occasion"

Ashley B

was so pleased with how

Vivian was an additional makeup artist for my wedding and while she didn't do my own makeup, I was so pleased with how beautiful she made my mother and my bridesmaids look! My mom was very nervous about getting her makeup done and Vivian not only answered her questions but made her feel at ease and at the end, my mom looked stunning and she loved how she looked. Vivian was able to transition from my mom (who's 59) to my bridesmaids (all in their twenties) without skipping a beat - she is truly an artist!

Brooke A.

Vivian was an amazing addition to my sister’s wedding!

"She was so personable and easy to get along with. She explained what she was doing, and my makeup turned out PERFECT! Looked natural, felt like I wasn't wearing anything, and stayed put the whole night! I highly recommend her to anyone!"


Working with Vivian was incredible!

"There is a lot that goes into any wedding, but especially a wedding that you are planning from afar! One of the many things about working with Vivian that was so amazing was her level of engagement in the planning and communication process. We spoke many (!!!) times over the phone, email and text throughout the 8 months that we were working together. She took the time to get to know me so that I felt comfortable working with her and vice versa. I truly feel like Vivian respects your opinion and wants to do what YOU want, while at the same time, inserting her professional viewpoint when you ask for it. Her level of professionalism from the very first point of communication was excellent. I was so pleased with the trial/preview that we did a few weeks before the wedding as well as the day of the wedding. I felt that my makeup looked great at the very end of the night (despite a rainy and warm wedding day!!). I can't say enough great things about working with Vivian and am happy to say that we've stayed in touch as well. I would strongly recommend working with Vivian. Enjoy the wedding planning process -- it goes so fast!"


Vivian was so professional from the start

"She has so much experience and listens to your concerns making the process stress free. I don't wear makeup day to day and was concerned about not looking like myself on my wedding day. Vivian is so good at making you look like yourself but the best version with the right amount of makeup. Everyone who got their makeup done was so happy and impressed with the results. She was so nice to stay and make sure everyone had their final touches done perfect before the pictures started. Thank you, Vivian!"


Nothing short of perfection.

"She is a makeup artist who takes her craft well above and beyond what any bride could expect on her big day. Vivian was extremely easy to contact and in the very early planning stages of the wedding, she wrote me back within hours of my initial inquiry. I was given her name by our photographer; I asked him who he felt was the best in the business, and who he felt made the brides most photogenic and required less editing. She was #1 on his list, and she did not disappoint. She is dedicated to making your day as stress free as possible. She is kind and very comforting. Vivian maintains constant contact from original booking all of the way through to the day before the wedding. She was constantly viewing my Pinterest boards (without me requesting or prompting her to do so,) requesting pictures of my dress, etc to guarantee she was going to know exactly how I envisioned my wedding to be. She exhibits professionalism at all times! She was so enthusiastic at both my trial appointment and my wedding day, such a genuinely lovely woman. She even coordinated regularly with my hair stylist, photographer and wedding planner to make sure my day was seamless! I was complimented all day long (even in the early hours of the morning, after dancing all night) that my makeup remained flawless! The products that she used on my face were comfortable and light. She uses natural and organic products that were incredible- but flexible in asking if I had special skin care routines or makeup that I would prefer to use. She was very accommodating to find a trial date that coordinated with my hair trial. My wedding party was thrilled with her work, her amazing positive attitude and the ease in which she works. I had complete trust in her work - and she made me feel so beautiful! I feel so fortunate that she was able to contribute to the best day of my life.


Vivian was such a pleasure to work with!

"From the very beginning she was supportive, helpful and understanding. I do not wear a lot of makeup normally and my now husband prefers a much more 'natural' me. Vivian was the only makeup artist I spoke to who not only understood my hesitations but in fact prioritizes natural beauty and simplicity in her work. She and her assistant provided makeup for me, my mother, my now mother-in-law and my 7 bridesmaids (it was quite an effort) and together they flawlessly highlighted the beauty in each of these women. Everyone was happy. In addition, when my skin decided not to cooperate the week before the wedding, Vivian rose to the occasion and managed to make my skin look flawless despite its poorly timed tantrum. Finally, beyond her talents as a makeup artist (which cannot be overstated), she was super resourceful. She helped me connect with local vendors near my home in Boston, as well as vendors near my folks' farm in Vermont where the wedding was held. She even offered recommendations for our honeymoon in Italy, where she lived for a number of years. Viv was a pleasure to work with and a true artist. I cannot commend her enough."


"When looking for a make-up artist for my wedding, it took me up until 1 month to the day to feel that I could trust someone to make me look and feel more beautiful than I could after doing my own make-up for the last 20+ years. I’m a professional dancer (MET), have done my own make-up forever and have worked with make-up artists for many shows. I had VERY high standard for wedding make-up artists but from the moment I spoke with Vivian, her professionalism, skill and knowledge came right through and I knew I had found the perfect person. I was right. Vivian was incredible to work with – a calm, cool and collected presence – and so willing to hear and listen to what I had to say or offer throughout the process. She understood me and listened to what I wanted and only added onto my thoughts and feelings as to how I wanted to look and feel. Vivian is personable and fun and such a wonderful and easy person to work with that I could have said nothing and still come out with absolutely incredible results. The day of, I felt as though I was wearing nothing and when looking in the mirror, my skin was flawless, my eyes popped and my lips were the perfect pinkish red -- always a sign of an incredible makeup artist. I felt naturally beautiful. I felt like me. Vivian also did make-up for my bridesmaids and they looked absolutely stunning. She personalized their looks the day of and even though all looked different, they looked and felt just as amazing as I did! As I get my photos back from my photographer, my makeup was flawless from ceremony to reception which is so important for a bride."